Solar is Easy! Let’s not make it difficult to understand. Going solar is a smart investment and can be extremely rewarding when you make the right choices and choose to switch to solar with the right company. In this quick buying guide, you will learn the three main principles you need and must follow to make the right choice. Buyer BEWARE, if you do not follow our principles you will likely regret your decision and be stuck with an investment unwilling to yield you a positive ROI.

Get your mind ready and let’s begin.

Rule #1 Production Guarantee.

This will be the most important guideline, if you check the boxes with this one your decision will be an easy one. However, if you skip this step or fail to ensure your agreement has one because the nice solar guy was so trustworthy then you will kick yourself later.

A production guarantee is how you know a solar company has your best interest in mind. You generally will calculate your solar system from the last twelve months of electricity usage. That usage will determine the size of your system and what the target goal is for it to produce on an annual basis.

Let’s say you use 15,000 kWh’s per year and you determine you will need a 10KW system, then your contract should have a production guarantee of 15,000 kWh’s to protect you. If you build a 10KW system and have no production guarantee in writing on your contract, what happens if it fails to produce what your expectation is? You just remember the salesperson was wonderful and said all the right things when he was here and now you cannot get ahold of them. Wrong! Do not do this to yourself. It must be on your contract and match what the anticipated production should be based on the size that was determined.

An average rule of thumb for anyone new to solar is 1,500 kWhs of production for every 1KW. There are many exclusions in most of these companies’ warranties bringing us to the next step in rule number one, what will the company do for you if your solar system does not produce what the guarantee is? Make 100% sure this part is in writing.

You are looking for the company to reimburse you a predetermined amount per kWh not produced according to the guarantee, and then figure out the flaw in the system to ensure your system overproduces in the future. If the solar company you are negotiating with does not abide by rule number one, DO NOT BUY from them. It’s that simple. Any solar company that stands behind their work will give you this guarantee and will take care of you in the event it underproduces.


Rule #2 Install and licensing

Just as simple as the first rule if the company does not have the proper electrical contractor license do not buy from them. Texas department of licensing and regulation states, to market or sell or install solar you must have an ECL. No exceptions.

So, when you have a company knocking on your door or sending you clickbait ads online, they must have an ECL. Companies are not allowed to “work under another’s license.” Unless they are a DBA and carry the same assumed name. Companies are getting busted by the state left and right for this, but even worse most of the time clients are left with little to no option with a dysfunctional solar system due to the sales organization going MIA after making false promises and the installation company is all shrugs with you and hides behind their iron-clad install agreement.

People, please be smart. Look for a company that is Turn-key or if subcontract work is the way they do it, have all parties and license numbers on your agreement. This will serve you and your investment well in the future. Remember if unlicensed, if they tell you they work under another companies license, or they subcontract the work to someone else without all parties clearly listed on your agreement DO NOT BUY from them.


Rule #3 Price

The final and some believe to be the most important, the money. After years in the solar business and so many installed projects, we compiled all the pricing data for you. On average to save money and net-zero out most electric bills as much as possible you must purchase within the right price range. Numerous case studies have been done on this and the most satisfied customers with the best ROI’s on average paid between $3.00 and $3.30 per watt.

This range has been proven successful for customers and the solar business. Everyone is looking to get the best bang for their buck and that is a two-way street. You need to see a positive return on your investment and your solar company needs to make a positive profit margin.

When you dip below the $3.00 mark generally you will be sacrificing something you probably will want. Most warranties will be less effective, or you have bought from an underqualified dealer network that won’t last long. IF you go above the $3.30 mark you simply are paying more than necessary and most likely will not see any return until you make it to at least the ten-year point. With all the case studies performed on companies selling above the high mark, only one hypothesis was proven, greed. Please protect yourself from the salespeople until proven innocent that are out and about, find a solar expert that cares for your needs as well as their own. It’s ok for your solar company to make money ethically as long as you can make your solar investment and it provides you with the right ROI for you.

Follow these simple guidelines to make the right choice and start loving your solar today!