Converting to Solar

Benefits of going solar

      We will design your system with you with a few basic principles in mind. We want you to love working with us, we will actually teach you the math when building your system and make sure we can build it properly, and most importantly we want you to have control while your investment pays for itself and cost less from day 1.

      Let’s keep it simple! We will cover everything regarding your system with the only exception being vandalism. Manufacturers have warranties, yes, and companies hide behind these attempting to make you believe they protect you. What if a hail storm, tornado, wind, or simply another company offers a very low production guarantee happens to you? With Bang Solar you are covered to the max for 30 years, the best part is that you will have no cost for warranty work. If you are part of our family, we will take care of you.

      Your new system is a giant billboard that will cause many people to ask you about your experience. We want you to be excited to share the good news with proof of your electricity always costing less. When this advertising works on your friends and family send them our way and we will graciously give you some free payments as well as a cash reward. Most of our customers bring us, 1 new client, every 60 days, Bang Bang!

      Solar arrays protect your home from climate weather and also assist to make it cooler underneath. It’s very tough to damage a roof that has a beautiful solar array protecting it. This usually leads to cooler attic temperatures and a more conservative household electric usage, it’s called reducing your load.

      Your property value will increase with a beautiful home improvement like solar. You have to ask yourself, who wouldn’t want to buy a solar home and be in control of a power plant for it? They sell fast, solar is tax-exempt, and solar homes sell for more! In the unlikely event, someone doesn’t want solar or you simply want to take it with you, we will move it for free generally within a 100-mile radius. Many studies have been completed in regards to home value increase with solar and real estate agents are finding it easier to calculate and add value to your home when selling it.

      Your project roadmap

      its easier than you may think

      1. Site Survey

      5 Days after the initial contract, your Solar Ambassador will call to schedule the actual survey day. You won’t necessarily need to be home for this, we will let you know.

      2. Design & Engineering

      Following your completed site survey we will gather all info and begin your design and submit it for our engineers to provide structural/electrical stamps if needed.

      3. Permitting

      Alright, Alright, Alright! We got past the tough part and permits are submitted when your designs received their stamps.

      4. BOM / Procurement

      Materials are on their way and we are getting closer… Your Solar Ambassador will double-check the bill of materials and accurately order everything.

      5. Installation

      Your Solar ambassador will reach out and set your tentative installation date. This will become your final unless we change it with you.

      6. Inspection

      This is the most important step. We will send a solar expert to your home usually within 1 week after installation to make sure everything is okay on Day 35-40 in most cases.

      7. PTO

      The utility will provide us with when we may energize and turn your system on! You made it, your Solar Ambassador will definitely walk you through this process.