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Consider powering your business’ office, commercial building or a manufacturing plant as an investment in the future. The immediate return though will be a huge cut on those monthly energy bills that you receive they become self sufficient in power usage.


Since Bang Home Services has grown we have implemented structures into our arsenal. This is a niche area that we decided to take a custom approach for all applications. We are able to build a parking lot and vehicle canopies, covers for your backyard that you can enjoy with friends or family, office parking structures, recreational vehicle parking, and much more. Having the ability to add these into your solar projects has allowed us to achieve better pricing than anyone and maintained customer confidence due to our mechanical engineers providing proper analysis for any city. This maintains reasonable pricing and ensuring long-lasting structures for all to enjoy.


If you want additional parking, we got you covered! (Pun intended) We love constructing beautiful carports for homeowners that add value to their homes and protects vehicles and anything else they want to park underneath. We have set a standard for this niche and our pricing is unbeatable. These are especially beneficial when a customer would like options for location of their solar panels. We make everything simple for a solar project and give you more options than any company out there. Keep in mind, “ You always get more bang for your buck with Bang Home Services.”

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You will not find a better solar warranty in the industry that beats ours! See why our warranty is so highly coveted by customers.

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The process to convert to solar can seem like a daunting one, but with Bang Home Services, we walk with you each step of the way.

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