Bang Solar Non Client Warranty

Your Project

1. Site Survey

5 Days after the initial contract, your Solar Ambassador will call to schedule the actual survey day. You won’t necessarily need to be home for this, we will let you know. 

2. Design & Engineering

Following your completed site survey we will gather all info and begin your design and submit for our engineers to provide structural/electrical stamps if needed. This step usually requires 3-5 days to finish properly. We are about 10 days in at this point.

3. Permitting

Alright, Alright, Alright! We got past the tough part and permits are submitted when your designs received their stamps. We will complete in 1 day then sit and wait for them to return from the city.

4. BOM / Procurement

Materials are on their way and we are getting closer… Your Solar Ambassador will double check the bill of materials and accurately order everything. We are about 14 days in and your Solar Ambassador is crushing it for you!

5. Installation

Your Solar ambassador will reach out and set your tentative installation date. This will become your final unless we change it with you. 21 days in and almost there.

6. Inspection

Usually occurs within 1 week after installation. Day 35-40 in most cases.

7. PTO

The utility will provide us with when we may energize and turn your system on! You made it, your Solar Ambassador will definitely walk you through this process and have gifts to send your way to say thanks from us.

Enjoying the process so far?

If you are enjoying the process so far, don’t wait to send us your friends and family. Maybe, you just want to tell everyone
you’ve enjoyed the process and your Solar Ambassador… Ask and we will show you how as well we will reward you
handsomely for being so kind. Call your Solar Ambassador to see what rewards we are offering now.


Our Solar Ambassadors are the coolest!

Who are they and what are they about?

Check out the projects they’ve completed!

What are they doing in the communities?

What are they giving away this quarter?

What customer events are they planning?