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Bang Home Services completes a wide variety of solar projects for homeowners, property owners, and HOA’s. We are Solar Experts when it comes to the following:

Grid-Tied Solar

The traditional way of converting to solar, this is the easiest way for most homeowners. Being tied to the grid can be a good thing. You will always have power the same way you have been used to. The benefit here is your utility company will provide you with an interconnection explaining how their buyback program works for you. Your solar system will produce energy that your utility will buy from you, utilities usually pay an adjusted cost or wholesale to you. We build you the perfect system to produce more than you use, this will offset the cost they pay and the cost you pay at night to NET zero your balance. You will make money from day 1.

Backup Power

You can still be grid-tied for buyback and have power when there is an outage. From Batteries to generators we have you covered. You get all the benefits from your utilities buyback and having power when everyone else goes without. We have rebates and special offers allowing you to add these extra pieces of equipment and still getting the cost to be less than your previous electric. It’s a win win!

Off Grid

Many people say this is the option they want before understanding what it takes and the cost. This option can be achieved rather easily however it is not the most economical. Being grid-tied and having the backup options is most popular due to being paid for the power you produce the utility pays for. However, this is a great option for those where the utility pays an extremely low amount for power produced or if they have no buyback program at all. It will still save you money and give you control.

Residential Solar Benefits


You will not find a better solar warranty in the industry that beats ours! See why our warranty is so highly coveted by customers.

Converting to Solar

The process to convert to solar can seem like a daunting one, but with Bang Home Services, we walk with you each step of the way.

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