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Jul 31, 2020Community, Education, Scholarships0 comments

Solar Industry Collaboration with Large Texas University’s Communications & PR Department

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As 2020-21 faces adversities with COVID-19, both universities and companies are tightening the reins on spending and budgets for their varying departments i.e. marketing. How will companies create inexpensive but effective marketing efforts to help their business thrive? How will students continue to learn and gain the necessary experience needed to enter the job force?

In efforts to help support local universities and their students, BANG Solar has decided to help fill the gap by creating unique business learning opportunities through joint ventures in allowing students to take on BANG Solar as a marketing client.

BANG Solar is currently in the process of teaming up with the University of Texas Arlington and the students in the communications department in a unique way. We will be participating as a real client for the students in the public relations campaigns class to give them hands-on experience that will allow them to grow their skills and express their creativity.

This experience will allow the students to not only have an impressive project to add to their portfolio, but also give the students a chance to learn about a different industry and who we are as a company.

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