Up and Adam with Bang Solar in the Morning!

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Creating Curb Appeal

Having a Billboard will make you money!

We offer you target marketing discounts when you are in a position that neighbors can see. Usually around $1,000 off of your system. That?s big money and will increase your savings quicker than paying more for solar, obviously. We do this because we know eventually your neighbors will convert too. It?s science!

We also offer huge benefits to you and the new customer when you give a referral? It?s easy to submit their info online or by calling us. Visit our website to view the current promotions for this at banghomeservices.com . Customers of our that send us one friend or neighbor per month on average make over $10,000 in a single year. We were amazed when we reviewed the numbers and saw how easy it is for our clients to make so much.

Keep it Silly

Here at Bang Solar we believe simplicity, accuracy, and exciting is the best way. Solar truly is a very simple idea and process.

The main focus points should be:

1.Have a positive working relationship

2.Be able to determine system size and understand how you got to it

3.Ensure economic benefitsfrom day one!

Theseprinciples are extremely easy to obtain if you are working with the right people?If something ever seems to not make sense ask for clear concise explanations, if you are unable toget one then don?t proceedany further. Solar truly is easy for us and should be for you!! 90% or better of our cleints always tell us they didn?t know it was that easy, and we have never had a competitor beat our pricing or our education process. We will make you the promise not to ?arm wrestle?you in your own home.You will receive a proper education quickly and you let us know when you are ready to convert.

How to spot a good Solar Company and Common Red Flags

  • System Calculations- Solar companies should always educate you on the math and walk through determining system size. This also allows you to be armed with useful information when getting other estimates.
  • Production Warranty- Giving you a production output guarantee is easy, all companies should give you peace of mind for what they tell you that your system will produce. NOT just a 1st year guarantee! This is a separate warranty that will keep you solar company accountable to you and their promises, if they wont give you one you should RUN!
  • Pricing- Average pricing in our industry is around $3.50/w or $35,000 for the average system?. However, many including our pricing is far below the average. If the money doesn?t make sense neither does solar. Do not be sold on additional home value and or electric pricing escalating due to inflation. You can beat your average bill from day one and we can prove it. Do the math and absolutely do not believe sales reps that tell you ?This will provide all the energy you need?, when trying to sell you a smaller system to get the dollars and cents to work.
  • TAX Credits- This is very simple, credits have changed from 30% down to 26%. You legally only receive the credit on the dollar amount you are actually responsible for paying. You do NOT get a credit after discounts from a company? we see this all the time! Usually company escalates price gives bigger tax credit and then a big company discount. NOPE! It does not work that way, give us a call and we will walk you through it. If you believe a company did this to you please call and we will help!